Is andy cohen dating anyone speed dating simcoe county


He likes to rent movies, buy junk food and stay up all night.

Says that people always tell him he looks like John Davidson.

A mismatch presents a dilemma: the contestant can go on the overnight with the audience’s choice or forfeit the money.

“It’s about love or commerce,” says Cohen, 48, who spoke to The Post ahead of the show’s premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m.

A reboot of the classic dating game show is coming Thursday to Fox.

And Andy Cohen, the pop culture-obsessed Bravo dignitary who is best known as the “Real Housewives” reunion wrangler and nightly talk show host, is the new cupid proxy.

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Cohen, who was asked by Fox to host the much-anticipated summer series, told Even without cocktails and shirtless bartenders — staples of his Bravo hosting — he is able to put his guests at ease.In an age when people swipe their way from one meaningless hookup to another, how does “Love Connection” grab an audience? I think what’s universal is the idea of a first date. And he claims he has trouble reading the signals women send out.” Before singles were penning obnoxiously ironic and exceedingly clever bios for their Tinder profiles, Chuck Woolery was summarizing dating hopefuls in a couple of sentences for a national TV audience on the syndicated matchmaking game show “Love Connection.”From 1983 through 1994 — and during a brief revival in the late ’90s — thousands appeared on the show to get fixed up under the now-comical auspices that it was the place where “old-fashioned romance meets modern technology,” as the show’s introduction stated.And like an ex who slides into your DMs, it’s back.this summer, where Cohen guides strangers through stories of their blind dates in the hopes that, in the end, one couple will decide to make a real go of it.

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