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Most of these commodities are produced and exported illegally.Madagascar is said to be losing millions of dollars annually to this illicit trade.The Fin Scope Survey, developed by Fin Mark Trust, is a research tool to assess financial access in a country and to identify the constraints that prevent financial service providers from reaching the financially under- and un-served people.

Summary: The Malagasy authorities face the challenge of developing the financial system while preserving financial stability.This code encompasses nearly all of the mining companies in Madagascar.The QMM ilmenite project (a joint venture between Rio Tinto and the Government of Madagascar) is governed by the “Convention d’Établissement” and mining companies whose investment is more than 50 billion MGA (USD 16 million) are subject to the “Loi sur les Grands Investissements Miniers”.It also provides insight into attitudes and perceptions regarding financial products and services.To date, Fin Scope Consumer Surveys have been conducted in 27 countries including Madagascar.The personal monthly income for 66% of adult Malagasy is 100,000Ar (≈) while 95% of all adults are earning less than 400,ooo Ar (≈3) per month.

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