Asp objectdatasource onupdating


Hi I am busy porting an access app to c# and have written a class so that the database access is handled by the class so that when we move to SQL it will require small changes to do so.In the project there is a repair management system that we have that allows users to CRUD a list of repairs.On the Form View the button that fires the update has the Command Name attribute set to "Update," but I would like to change that attribute to something other than "Update" - when I do change that attribute the update no longer works.The reason I want to do this is I have multiple Form Views on the same page and need to have multiple update buttons.

With so many acronyms in our field i want to make sure i understand these "data" terms. DAO - Data Access Object provides the plumbing to actually populate and work with a Business object.I used adrotator control to display different images but to view different images, I always used f5 button, Is there any method so that i can display image automatically. I was searching around trying to get a handle on where the default value of -1 for the Affected Rows was coming from.Just a quick comment on your code fix for the Affected Rows value. Return Value, this will throw an exception and your data method exception will be lost. Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.Hi, I would like to display different images in one frame one after another, without using F5 button.I have used an Object Data Source in most of the other web forms and it works fine.

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