Geminis dating aquarius


Fire can teach Air to think big and to be more enthusiastic, while Air can encourage Fire to stop and think before embarking on a course of action.Aries and Gemini are both witty, with a desire for variety and excitement.Gemini is attracted to the enthusiastic Aries, who in turn appreciates the fact that life can never be boring around a Gemini.Both like to flirt and are flighty, which is fine as long as they both agree that it is just lighthearted fun.

There is something childlike, fun-loving and playful about both signs.However Gemini may appear to move from one idea to another with too much ease.Gemini finds a true and loyal companion in Aquarius, whilst Aquarius finds Gemini a constant source of variety, interest and fascination.You like to have your individual freedom as well as connect, so you can allow that for each other without taking it personally.You can be great companions and this should be a very individual exchange and be related to a greater social context.The mental attraction is obvious from the first date.

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