Updating webreference

SDService Client.cs: Note: if you aren’t building the WCF service you can just run with the /t flag in order to generate the proxy if the WCF service is up and running, follow this post: Generating WCF Proxy using Svc NET it’s deals with the same problems and solutions with one important different: we are using WCF service instead of Web Service.

To create one of these projects, you can simply go to File New Project.Don’t use the WCF templates as they will only make your life harder on the long run.Add your service interface to the newly created project: As you can see there is not much new to implementing the service, but now it’s time for the client! You can download it here (though before you do, read the note below).In SP1, we have added some new features as well as many bug fixes. but when I replace an existing reference (and i mean a none project reference), the new version isn’t (always) used at runtime.

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