When did dougie poynter and frankie sandford start dating


It's a condition that culminated in her hospitalisation at the end of 2011, amid massive tabloid speculation and Twitter gossip - the rumours ranging from drug addiction to an eating disorder.

Here, for the first time, Frankie opens up to GLAMOUR about her illness, and her turbulent road to recovery. I don't feel right." The doctor suggested that I get some therapy, but as I walked out, I felt absolutely distraught. I didn't do anything about it until it got to the stage where I was just coming home and going straight to bed. Management had to know, because I needed time off to see my counsellor, but telling them took a long time.

The Mc Fly bassist and The Saturdays beauty - who reconciled earlier this year following a brief split in February – broke-up again last week after Frankie Sandford moved out of the house they shared.

A friend of Dougie Poynter’s said: “He is devastated.

He said: ‘Every year, everyone says the celebrities are crap and too old and no one knows them and they’re not Victoria Beckham.’ He then glanced nervously at Mark Wright and Dougie Poynter and continued: ‘Er, present company excluded.

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Wearing his statement headband, 24-year-old Dougie looked as though he was planning on smarting up his laid-back look when he arrived at the picture studios in London carrying a suit bag.

And she's frequently papped with her hot footballer husband, Wayne Bridge, who was also at this interview, as attentive, thoughtful and un-footballerish as you could imagine.

But beneath the glossy hair, covetable wardrobe, the dream job and the loving husband, Frankie has been struggling with depression for most of her career.

It was totally unexpected and I really thought things were going well between us. "I didn't fit in with The Saturdays and JLS crowd and party scene anyway." Harry has been quick to reassure Mc Fly fans that Dougie is now fine, saying: "All I care about is Dougie.

He has a beautiful new girlfriend, I've never seen him so happy." Aaww, bless!

First Cheryl Fernandez-Versini‘s X Factor replacement for two years, Nicole Scherzinger performed on the show.

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