Updating a website

Decide how you will update your site before you start developing it.

It makes sense to remove or update out of date content. We’re spending two hours online on our smartphones every day; twice as long as laptops and PCs.

Color in web page design can make the difference between a website that is dull and lifeless to a website that is stimulating and positive.

Read Full Article 5 Advantages of CSS Web Design Category: Design Your Website, Updating Your Web Design When you create a website for your business, time and money are likely to be major concerns.

There are many good reasons for updating a website, and because of the rapid evolution of technology, you’ll need to update multiple times over the course of your company’s development.

When you update your website, you’re bound to experience some SEO shakeups — even if you’re extra careful, at least a handful of keyword ranking movements will be inevitable. Instead, take efforts to prevent the SEO damages you can, and consider it an opportunity to improve your SEO for the long-term, even if there are short-term bumps along the way.

This is vital when changing your website around, and I will cover how to make sure the web development agency keeps the important SEO work that’s gone into your website. Too often clients don't stop to consider the SEO impact of changing their website.

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