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A sedative is any substance that can reduce irritability or excitement by inducing sedation, i.e.

it puts the brain to sleep in both animals and human beings.

These issues can create real problems for taking your dog to the veterinarian, the groomer, or anywhere involving a car trip.

Many dogs are so fearful of traveling, that even getting them in the car can be a struggle.

There are some serious risks involved with attempting to sedate your dog for travel, including: The best way to ensure that your dog has a good experience traveling is to do what you can to prepare him ahead of time.

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Air travel in particular can be a very traumatic event that often require heavy Arna Cohen Third wheels aren't a standard feature of honeymoons, but when Joanne and Jonas Banner were planning a camping trip to the redwood stands of Northern California, the newlyweds had no intention of leaving behind their 10-year-old pointer mix, Sandy."Getting married was really important to us, and she’s a big part of our lives," says Joanne, who lives with her husband in Trabuco Canyon, Calif.Dogs are the most frequent traveling companions, but some plucky cats enjoy getting out of the house, too.Vacationing together can be a rewarding experience for you and your pet, but multi-species travel requires thought and planning.SYMPTOMS OF DOG TRAVEL ANXIETY Car travel anxiety can present itself in many ways such as carsickness, barking, whining, pacing, scratching and restlessness.

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