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Date: December 16, 2016 – February 19, 2017More details Presenting landscapes and scenes of nature with richly layered abstract vision, the vibrant works of American artist Susan Swartz make viewers forget about the gray winter settings that currently envelop Budapest.

The paintings on display stimulate the viewer to a state of meditative contemplation by mediating the artist’s own state of mind.

Student protests in Budapest in October 1956 triggered a mass uprising and a demand that the Russians withdraw from the country.

Miraculously, the communists did, only to return mere days later with tanks, troops and maximum force. Its Olympians, meanwhile, were marooned in Australia, fearing for the safety of their families, wondering if they even had a home to go home to after the Games.

The often-ghostly scenes portrayed in Szűcs’s paintings range from the unknowable first moments of the Big Bang to Adolf Hitler exhibiting a moment of tenderness as he pets his canine companion – even though the dog is invisible on the canvas.

..Hungary's 2-0 victory over rivals Austria evoked memories of their Mighty Magyars side who reached the World Cup final in 1954.

Sportsmail looks at how the current crop compare with Hungary’s Golden Team.

Follow the game as it unfolds as England face Hungary from Wembley Stadium in their first game since the World Cup.

Gyenge, a Hungarian, was the defending Olympic champion, a world record holder, and a complete emotional wreck.

She was a hero in Hungary, a country that, in the weeks immediately before the Games, was cleaved apart by a bloody revolution.

Gyenge’s distress was doubly-magnified: she had left her fiancé in Budapest. He fled Hungary during the violence and, with the help of a cousin, found his way to Canada.

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