Webcam nologin

Open Smart is a free online gallery for your images made with your smartphone and mobilewebcam app.

The free service is limited to 50MB disk space and stores the images of the last 7 days Mobile Webcam App offers different configurations, like upload interval, energy saving modes, SMS commands for configuration...

In the example above we request video, but not audio.

Vline is a browser operated online video chat application that lets you hold a video chat session for free.

Cam Space (Windows only) uses physical objects like a cardboard steering wheel to emulate game controls, but you’ll need to make sure they’re not skintone coloured or the same your clothing.

Works best with racing games and those with limited controls.

To avoid that upload stops as a result of limit exceeded, you may want to reduce storage periode to x days with command "days=x".

If you are logged in, the navigation bar on the top shows a link to "Status".

Skype is probably the most popular video-chatting software out there. Now people use “video-chatting” and “Skyping” interchangeably whether they’re using Skype specifically or not.

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