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Something about that spring up from the belly onto the board eludes me and I always end up losing my balance, crashing into the wave instead of riding it, and often also knocking myself in the head with the board. There, I discover a web based community founded in 2004 by a young Alaskan named Casey Fenton who thought of the idea when, as a student, he went on a trip to Iceland and needed a place to crash for the night. We chat about how the Italians always dub their movies and how the guy who did the voice for Woody Allen just died.

Couch surfing, however, is another matter completely. Unlike many other on line social networking communities -- this one is all about getting away from your computer, and traveling to get to know new people face to face. Stefano argues the guy who does Al Pachino has a voice more suited to Al Pachino than Al himself. He is 35 and a fellow journalist who works at the regional TV station in Pisa, we move on to discuss the demise of the typewriter and then his recent trip to South America. It's all so stressful this, in its own, laid back surfing way.

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As you arrive, you come up to a familiar scene— Let’s take a moment to discuss what’s actually going on here.Written by Kocky Fat Bitch, a Fattitude Intern I want to tell you a story.Well to you it will be a story, but to me it’s my life.Simply put: I pretended to be someone I wasn’t because I was led to believe that who I was on the outside was not worth adoring. During your childhood, for the most part, you are unaware of how cruel the world can be to anyone it perceives as different.You have no problem throwing on the red rain boots with the purple shorts and yellow princess shirt.Even now, many consider feminism the "F Word" – celebrated by some, demonized by others, and often misrepresented as a man-haters club that only white women are invited to.

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