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In this chapter:(1) "Alarm system" means:(A) electronic equipment and devices designed to detect or signal:(i) an unauthorized entry or attempted entry of a person or object into a residence, business, or area monitored by the system; or(ii) the occurrence of a robbery or other emergency;(B) electronic equipment and devices using a computer or data processor designed to control the access of a person, vehicle, or object through a door, gate, or entrance into the controlled area of a residence or business; or(C) a television camera or still camera system that:(i) records or archives images of property or individuals in a public or private area of a residence or business; or(ii) is monitored by security personnel or services.(1-a) For purposes of Subdivision (1), the term "alarm system" does not include a telephone entry system, an operator for opening or closing a residential or commercial gate or door, or an accessory used only to activate a gate or door, if the system, operator, or accessory is not monitored by security personnel or a security service and does not send a signal to which law enforcement or emergency services respond.(1-b) "Board" means the Texas Private Security Board.(2) "Branch office" means an office that is:(A) identified to the public as a place from which business is conducted, solicited, or advertised; and(B) at a place other than the principal place of business as shown in board records.(3) "Branch office license" means a permit issued by the board that entitles a person to operate at a branch office as a security services contractor or investigations company.(4) Repealed by Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R. Section 311.005(2), Government Code, does not apply to this subdivision.(16-a) "Personal protection officer" means a person who performs the activities described by Section 1702.202.(17) "Personal protection officer endorsement" means a permit issued by the board that entitles an individual to act as a personal protection officer.(18) "Private investigator" means an individual who performs one or more services described by Section 1702.104.(19) "Registrant" means an individual who has registered with the board under Section 1702.221.(20) "Registration" means a permit issued by the board to an individual described by Section 1702.221.(20-a) "Security officer" means a person who performs the activities described by Section 1702.222.(21) "Security officer commission" means an authorization issued by the board that entitles a security officer to carry a firearm.(22) "Security services contractor" means a person who performs the activities described by Section 1702.102.

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Effective June 2017, you can no longer access the System for Award Management (SAM) using Internet Explorer (IE) Versions older than IE11.

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