Is charlie simpson still dating camilla smith

It was on a sunny July day in 1996, that Lin Russell and her daughters Josie, 9, and Megan, 6, (pictured together, right) were the victims of a frenzied attack as they walked along a quiet country lane in Kent, on their way back from a school swimming gala in the village of Chillenden.

They were blindfolded, tied to a tree with strips of Josie's towel, and bludgeoned with a hammer by Michael Stone (right inset) in a pitiless crime that appalled Britain.

Because the Prince of Wales very much wants Camilla to be queen when he becomes king.

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Paley and Ambassador Pamela Harriman, she’s also the author of “Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess,” (1999) and “Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch” (2012), the 60th anniversary of the queen’s ascension to the throne. Inevitably, perhaps, some press reports sparked by Smith’s book focused mostly on Charles’ ill-fated marriage to Diana, whose glamour, beauty and star wattage always outshone Camilla.

Along with three or four thousand residents of Richmond, North Yorkshire, I am standing in the town square awaiting the arrival of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, who are spending one of their typical working days helping the town celebrate the 850th anniversary of its first market charter.

It’s a bright mid-September afternoon, the slate-roofed shops around the square sport window boxes bursting with pink and white geraniums, and a special farmers’ market has been set up in the square itself, with stands selling everything from fresh-killed partridge to handcrafted organic soap.

Closer to his destiny than ever, Charles had become a shadow king-in-waiting.” And what of the queen-in-waiting, the Duchess of Cornwall?

No mention of her on Smith’s list, even though she accompanied Charles to that meeting.

She'd sustained catastrophic head injuries but she somehow survived.

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