Is hunter hayes dating someone


In the CIMA Awards, he used heart touching words such as sweet and gorgeous to describe Libby.

He also said that he is a lucky person to have her as his date.

Country music star Hunter Hayes and his girlfriend Libby Barnes are seriously the cutest couple ever.

They have been dating since 2014 – that we know of.

So, making the story short, let’s directly rush and learn about his dating life.

If you weren’t familiar, Hunter girlfriend name is Libby Bames. He first introduced his two years older girlfriend to the world at the 2014 CMA Awards.

RELATED: 10 Celebrities Who Never Went to Prom Hunter explained, "Oh man, for me, making time … Everyone talks about communication, but like being super clear, super upfront.

We just promised to each other that we’re gonna make time and commit to being with each other. Rush is never a good word for anything, but I know my heart’s happy, and I hope she’s as happy as I am." Okay, best boyfriend award goes to Hunter Hayes! After hearing all of this we have a feeling that these two are in it for the long run.

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They are one of the more stable couples in the entertainment industry and we can't help but love their relationship.

But, truthfully, they had been together long before they made this first public appearance together. Actually, they share a lot about their relationship and who they are as a couple with fans on social media.

RELATED: 8 Things You Didn't Know About Hunter Hayes' Girlfriend Libby Barnes magazine, he said, "Libby has been watching me go through this whole process, and that just needs to be said.

They started dating way back in 2014 and at first, it was a total secret.

Hunter revealed that he was in a relationship with Libby when he brought her to the 2014 CMA Awards.

Libby isn't a country singer, or even in the spotlight for that matter, she's just a regular girl — which we totally love!

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