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People can also choose not to trade in their existing Verizon phone, a T-Mobile spokesman told CNET.

A trade-in is required only if the customer wants T-Mobile to cover the cost of Verizon's early termination fee or other expenses associated with the contract.

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T-Mobile will then refund any costs incurred during the trial and any costs for resuming service with Verizon.

Customers who opt to jump ship to T-Mobile, however, can trade in their existing Verizon phone and keep the new T-Mobile phone.

To sweeten the deal, new customers will also be able to stream the most popular music services with no impact on their data plans.

Many who speak to me about T-Mobile's data network say it underperforms compared to its behemothic rivals.

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Starting on June 23, the company is allowing anyone to sign up for the "test drive" program, in which it will ship out an i Phone 5s for the duration.

The cell network is working in co-operation with Apple, according to chief executive John Legere, who spoke at the Seattle event.

But the fourth-largest cellular giant has been working on improving their network quite aggressively.

With this new free trial, there is no reason for people to not give T-Mobile a try.

And here's how it works: Verizon subscribers can port their existing phone number to a T-Mobile phone, which they can use for free for up to 14 days.

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