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Ever wondered what it would be like to go on a date with a cat? From developer Bae team and publisher Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator) comes the new cat dating sim/visual novel Purrfect Date.

The game, coming to PC and i OS this winter, has human players date talking cats while uncovering the mysteries of Cat Island.

If you’re not familiar, dating sims involve playing as a character as he or she tries to navigate the world of relationships.

Arin also made his fame as an animator before he became a Let's Player. It will definitely win an award for "Best Dad-based Game of 2017"... Game Grumps are known for their specific humor and general fun-having, so this game will almost undoubtedly be entertaining.Purrfect Date is split into seven chapters, where you assume the role of different research assistants.While carrying out your very important research about the dark and mysterious Cat Island, you can romance felines and balance your stats."It’s an amalgamation of everything we love, and in essence, a love letter to each other (and cats)." Be sure to check out IGN's review of Hatoful Boyfriend to find out what we think of one of Purrfect Date's biggest inspirations. You’ve lost all memory prior to this moment, from people’s names to entire relationships.For maximum effect, you should discover the game's overarching concept for yourself, so we won't go in-depth into its finer details.

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