Spotify feed not updating


Owners are instructed to make an appointment at the dealership if they are interested in using the new features and apps.Dealerships also should plan to update vehicles currently in inventory during the PDI process so new owners have the latest software when they take delivery.In Spotify's preferences menu under "Local Files, hit "Add a Source", and select where your music is stored.Imported files can be found under "Local Files" in the left pane.

If you want to beat the Monday blues, nothing tops falling in love with a new song or artist, which is where Spotify's revolutionary Discover Weekly playlist comes in.Even after you’ve done this, there’s more you can do to tame your collection of playlists.With Spotify’s new “Your Music” feature, you can bring your favorite albums and songs together and completely forget playlists when listening to a single artist or album.Read on to see how you can experience Spotify the right way.Does your Spotify selection of playlists look like this?It's a great way to discover new music and rekindling love affairs with old favourites. And some artists, such as Prince and Taylor Swfit, aren't on there.

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