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This makes no difference except in the case where your Soy-generated JS code will later be processed by Closure Compiler.

Specifically, for JS code generation, we now default to non-quoted keys.

The last thread is here and will be Stickied for a short while Thank you.

concerns weren’t quelled by the fact that the movie spent more than half a decade in development hell before the studio decided to drop it in one of the year’s most notorious dump months.

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story starts with an assault on a CIA base in New York during which a weapon capable of causing untold chaos is captured by a collection of collusive individuals who seemingly seek to exploit its power for the purpose of progressing their own nefarious agenda.

This leads to the recruitment of the eponymous protagonist, who’s tasked with tracking down these terrorists and saving the world from certain disaster. There’s no shortage of exciting set-pieces to keep the pulse pounding as the proceedings play out, almost all of which rivet due to the astonishing talents of martial arts expert Donnie Yen.

In particular, multivariate distributions as well as copulas are available in contributed packages.

Ultimate bibles on probability distributions are: The maintainer greatfully acknowledges Achim Zeileis, David Luethi, Tobias Verbeke, Robin Hankin, Mathias Kohl, G.

This thread is for random pictures of random things in random places by random people - so basically this is the place for random photographs. A little discussion is allowed but don't enter into debate as the thread is intended mainly to show photographs. This forms the basis of the Photo of the Week, which is posted a few weeks after the images to allow viewers to vote.

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