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Unfortunately, due the extensive media coverage of the recent Haitian earthquake, many Americans and Europeans assume Dominica must be similar: a backward rural nation of illiterate, poor, and desperate people. In reality, Dominica is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean, an upper-middle income nation with the largest economy in Central America, and is the most popular tourist and vacation spot in the Caribbean Sea.Girls from The Dominican Republic are modern, urban, educated, and share many cultural similarities with Americans and Europeans.

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She’s an amazing, amazing girl, one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met, and also an incredible mother.” Lopez put on a show at the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater at the ,000-a-night Casa de Campo resort owned by sugar magnate José “Pepe” Fanjul.

tucked somewhere in the Greater Antilles Archipelago, occupying 65% of the Island of Hispaniola.

It is in the Caribbean region, and as you well know, this region is known for its warm weather, pristine beaches and a lot of sun and the Dominican women, who are a mix-pot of genes from Western Europe, Africa and more.

I'm considered fun to be with, but VERY serious about my faith, responsibilities and safety matters. I'm a creative person with a gentle character, traveled a lot to I am a social person who likes to read, theater and likes to communicate with people.

I don't like to initiate direct physical contact unless permission is granted or the person is my mate. I like to travel and make friends and have someone special in my life.

On Thursday, the singer posted a photo of Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green with the caption, "When she asks how much fun you're having without her..." While he doesn't mention Lopez specifically, we can't help but think he is reffering to the actress who stayed at the same resort last week.

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