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Dream High narra la historia de seis estudiantes de la Escuela de Arte Kirin, quienes trabajan para lograr sus sueños de convertirse en estrellas de la industria musical coreana.Go Hye Mi es una estudiante que se había especializado en la música clásica, pero tiene que renunciar a su sueño y entrar en la escuela secundaria de artes Kirin para poder pagar la deuda de su padre.

Only the top 60 trainees are given the opportunity to continue on the competition. It helped a few kids to put their feet on the ground and get down of the cloud in which they were... He remind me of appa eodiga's junsu when he did those stupid aegyo in this ep. Trainees from the 61st place and below are eliminated. Plot Twist" is just around the corner waiting for the right moment and crash the party... He's such a baby when he cried after 3rd place announcement.. Remember when all YG (including the cafeteria lady, the cleaning lady and the man who works in the parking lot) bet everything on Team B and won Team A? The situation was particularly tough for mid-sized, genre-based commercial films, which in the previous few years had lost money for more often than they had earned it.In better shape were Korea's internationally-recognized directors, with both Park Chan-wook (Thirst) and Bong Joon-ho (Mother) lining up high profile spring releases.Esta temporada sigue a un grupo nuevo de estudiantes después de que el grupo anterior se graduó.

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