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See full summary » Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days.Andie Anderson covers the "How To" beat for "Composure" magazine and is assigned to write an article on "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days." They meet in a bar shortly after the bet is made.But only a minority – 44% – said they had just one regular partner; the other 26% said they had two or more regular partners (though over half of these said ‘one of them is primary’).Fifty-three per cent of all the men said they were ‘in a relationship’.Guys also get free access but messaging and photo uploads have limits which can be removed by paying a small fee.

See more » I had very low expectations for No Strings Attached.

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When asked what words they would use to describe their relationships, those in emotionally-committed relationships used terms like ‘partner’ and ‘boyfriend’, but for those in more purely physical relationships the overwhelmingly most popular choice was ‘fuckbuddy’.

In total, 4215 participants took the survey: their average age was 37, 47% were graduates, 81% described themselves as gay and 16% bisexual (6% had a regular female partner), and 5% said they had HIV.

In today’s modern world relationships can be complicated, and who has time for the dating game?

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