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The roof is made of blue plastic tarp that does little to protect her from the intense sunlight.Though there hasn’t been rain in a few days, the concrete floor is damp and covered in a slimy film.Europe’s migration policies are turning the country into a giant holding pen, with the people trapped in it close to breaking point.At the Softex refugee camp in northern Greece, it is lighter by night than it is by day.Young Syrians living in Lebanon are attempting suicide in ever greater numbers.TRIPOLI, Lebanon — At a makeshift refugee camp just south of this northern city, a 12-year-old Syrian girl named Khowla sits on a dirty mattress in her tent.“When I tried to kill myself, it was like the devil filled my head,” she says, twisting her hands in her lap, her voice flat and expressionless. All I could think about was that we have nothing, our lives will never improve, and I could relieve my mother of another burden.” In February, Khowla’s mother, Sanaa, came back to their tent to find her lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth and vomiting.

Short positions, which are typically closely guarded, in Deutsche Bank AG jumped when it was revealed in June that Soros had bet that the stock would fall after the U. Trump Loss The Dutch regulator’s spokesman couldn’t disclose whether there has been contact with Soros following Tuesday’s error.

Inside this windowless former warehouse, the lamps only work in the evenings.

That is partly because the place was not designed to house people. “It’s insulting,” says Hendiya Asseni, a 62-year-old Syrian, of being housed in a one-time loo-roll store.

The senator bounced back to second spot with 272 – 9 points above the Vice President’s 263.

She was also the second placer in the rating conducted by the Movement for Good Governance based on 3 leadership criteria: effective, ethical and empowering.

A spokesman for Soros didn’t respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

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