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Initially, your BPD partner will place you on a pedestal until you come to believe you are as special as you are being told you are.

Then, suddenly and inexplicably, your partner will become aloof, emotionally and perhaps physically abusive, and then leave you feeling discarded.

Now the way I interpret this list is that BPD is basically a large umbrella with all these issues underneath it. As a result, most people generalize Borderlines to be one and the same. Your girlfriend has her own unique experiences as well. Further more, as someone who was a Borderline/codependent man, I know on a personal level what is required to recover and date these types of people successfully (which is why I believe my website has gained a lot of popularity).

If you’re new to this, you will think your girlfriend is crazy. Most guys make the mistake of thinking that they can help her, that you understand her and so on. I believe that it’s important to forget about BPD and focus on what’s in front of you in that moment.

Then there was a detail that stood out from another story she had told about some friends of hers that had "done work in Africa." The story was a heartfelt tale about three friends who had helped build houses in "an undeveloped" village somewhere on the continent.

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Moving on is the hardest and most necessary thing you can do.

The first inkling of her lying tendencies came out the morning after we slept together.

It started with her age; she told me she was born in 1991… I chalked it up to being under the influence and brushed it off.

Dating a girl with BPD doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you may believe. Because if you ask me, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) is now a mainstream ‘disorder’ that nearly every young, attractive woman has. Even the psychologists who know what they are talking about say that diagnosing BPD is virtually impossible. Because almost every girl has some sort of BPD behavior.

However, as you’ll learn in this article, beautiful women tend to have many traits that are common among Borderlines.

Despite what these sites want you to believe, mental health disorders are not pretty, decorative, or glamorous.

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