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Other drugs used to treat cancer, such as trastuzumab (Herceptin), can also cause heart problems.There is no standard circumcision procedure and the issue of standards has been a rallying call for years.Cancer survivors who may need follow-up MUGA scans include: For these survivors, the test can identify heart-related late effects, which may occur more than 5 years after treatment.Learn more about the long-term side effects of cancer treatment.

Everyone can take steps to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

At the Western Section American Urologic meeting in 2007 Dr Sam Kunin, who practices in Los Angeles, compared and contrasted clamps and discussed what he considered should be the minimal standards for circumcision.

So here are the most common methods used by doctors.

In a private residence the hostess should suggest Seating arrangements are made by the host.

It is never correct for guests to shift name cards or take a seat at a table other than one to which they have been assigned.

Some types of chemotherapy, such as anthracyclines, may damage the heart during cancer treatment.

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