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Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.

She peeped inside and saw her old neighbor sitting in the tub.

So the idea that "to fight like a girl" is a play, not just on the fact that people think that girls are rubbish but …

is testament to how strong women are and how vigorously we fight just to exist day to day, with all of the violence that is enacted against us, with all of the hostility, the brutality. Just listening to you, I was thinking about the song during the depression about "don't be polite, girls, show a little fight".

After feminist writer Clementine Ford slammed the Channel Seven breakfast program Sunrise for victim-blaming last year, she watched on in shock as her online fanbase quickly ballooned.

In response to an article in which Sunrise asked, "when will women learn" not to post nude photos of themselves online, Ford snapped a picture of her bare chest emblazoned with the words, "Hey #Sunrise Get F--cked" and shared it on Facebook.

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