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TAXI CAB - NIGHT The back of the cab is filled with even more bags and boxes. The young man gets out and confers with a shady looking guy on the corner. THE GONG SHOW Chuck Barris is being sniffed in the crotch by a large dog. We pull back to reveal we're in a darkened, messy hotel room.

The meter in the cab is at thirty-five dollars and change. Slow motion sparks and shards of glass shoot toward the camera.

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CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman based on CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND an unauthorized biography by Chuck Barris third draft (revised) May 5, 1998 MUSIC IN: OMINOUS ORCHESTRAL TEXT, WHITE ON BLACK: This film is a reenactment of actual events. Barris's private journals, public records, and hundreds of hours of taped interviews. NYC STREET - NIGHT SUBTITLE: NEW YORK CITY, FALL 1981 It's raining. A passing street light momentarily illuminates the list and we glimpse a few of the entries: double-coated waterproof fuse (500 feet); .38 ammo (hollowpoint configuration); potato chips (Lays). Chuck Barris, age 50, hat pulled over his eyes, dances out from the wings to comfort the agitated performer.

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