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This means that you can add / modify / move / remove monkeys from the tree at runtime and place them wherever you want.The reason why computed data now sits within the tree itself is so that components don't need to know from which kind of data, static or computed, they must draw their dependencies and so that read/select API might stay the same across the whole library. tree/cursor.serialize Retrieve only raw data (therefore avoiding computed data) from the tree or a cursor.

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As such, while monkeys represent reduction of the current state (a filtered list used by multiple component throughout your app, for instance), they do have a physical existence within the tree.

The ones involving diskpart don't help me, I tried, and my drives aren't partitioned anyway. If I put my Windows installation disk in I can get to that no problem.

I considered reinstalling Windows but I don't see how that would help as this isn't a Windows problem.

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Baobab is a Java Script persistent and immutable (at least by default) data tree supporting cursors and enabling developers to easily navigate and monitor nested data through events.

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