Arianny celeste dating a firefighter


He is most of the time surrounded by women and surely has some expensive hobbies.Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that the King of Instagram doesn’t want to find a unique woman in his life.For those who don’t know, Mia Khalifa is a big fan of NBA.Ever since she ended her career in porn, she’s been live streaming NBA 2K gameplays on Twitch.“I saw an opportunity to be more than a ring girl,” she added.“I’ve built it into a business.” The 31-year-old has leveraged the high-profile gig into side jobs as a model, TV host and brand ambassador with more than 2.9 million Instagram followers.

She is a 21-year-old model and former Hooters employee.

This obviously means that Mia has to have a favorite team, right?

In this case, it’s the Washington Wizards with her favorite player being the point guard John Wall.

Mia Khalifa wants to see her favorite player thrive.

Wall was unhappy with his rating on the upcoming NBA 2K game and went on Twitter to expressed his anger.

Three children and four adults were killed in the Lowell fire that tore through the apartment building on Thursday.

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