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LUBBOCK, Texas - Texas Tech fired coach Mike Leach on Wednesday, just two days after he was suspended by the school as it investigated his treatment of a player with a concussion.The school handed a termination letter to Leach's attorney, Ted Liggett, just minutes before the two sides were to appear in a Lubbock, Texas, courtroom for a hearing on the coach's suspension.According to both his and Anders’s depositions, Craig demanded that I be fired.Hance called me and said that Craig had phoned Anders to complain about his son being forced to play before his concussion was healed, which was simply not true.Texas Tech plays Michigan State on Saturday in San Antonio.As for Leach's reaction, Liggett said, "Well, he's not thrilled." Liggett said he planned to file a lawsuit on Leach's behalf against the school "soon." "We can guarantee that the fight has just begun," he said.

Craig James went to the Chancellor of Texas Tech University to spread his son’s lies and demanded that Mike Leach be fired.Craig James claimed that his son was forced to practice with a concussion and had been locked in an electrical closet for three hours.According to Pincock’s statement, he specifically told James not to go into the electrical closet by the media room.In 2015, the odd topic of choice was dating advice. And Thursday, he also addressed serious topics, like a push by Washington State students to ban athletes with a history of sexual violence. They’ve won nine and eight games, respectively, the last two seasons. You’re either going to practice at a high level or you’re not.“What I used to do, I had two-for-one (coupons),” he said, “… “He expects so much from us, you know,” said Washington State running back Jamal Morrow. (He’s like), ‘If you’re not going to work hard, I’m going to make you work hard.’” Still, Morrow and his teammates appreciate their coach’s lighter side.Mike Leach’s new book tells in detail what happened in 2009 with Adam and Craig James that led to his wrongful termination at Texas Tech.

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