Dating an airforce pilot religious controversy of dating bones


Originally we had planned to fly in on the Friday morning and go to the airshow that day and throughout the evening, but the weather didn’t agree with that plan so we had to leave later on Friday.

Your pilot, who happens to be your boyfriend, then takes you to another grassed area where you set up camp for the night and enjoy a small cheese and cured meat platter and a glass of red wine.Through a rather random series of events, I’ve ended up platonic friends with a guy I met on Tinder. Unlike 70% of the other guys I matched with that week, The Fighter Pilot actually messaged me.After a short conversation where I admitted that we’d chatted before (he didn’t remember), he explained that he was going on holiday the next day – a killer for any form of online dating contact.Well, this (plus more) was the weekend I was lucky enough to share with my gorgeous partner and since it filled my heart with so much happiness and gratitude I wanted to share it with you all.My boyfriend has been flying planes for about eight years and has almost completed his commercial license which will make him a ‘real pilot’ as some would say.A reality which most Tinder users will see as a fantasy these days.

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