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If an athlete is charged criminally with a sex-based offense, they are subject to immediate suspension from competition “unless and until the charge is dropped or the student-athlete is otherwise determined to be not guilty in the criminal system.”And, “if a student-athlete is named as a respondent in a complaint to the Office of Student Ethics for an alleged violation of the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy or is the subject of a police investigation (but not charged) for a sex-based criminal offense,” then a committee comprised of IU’s faculty athletics representative, the university’s Title IX coordinator and a representative from the general counsel’s office will determine whether to suspend that athlete.

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Coaches are paid millions of dollars and receive hefty bonuses for performing well in national championships and bringing major attention and funding to their schools.But the Green Wave is also gaining an athlete who isn't afraid to speak out about about openly gay women's basketball players.Emery has been "out" for a few years now and is one of several female athletes who have stepped forward in recent years to challenge "the culture of silence" when it comes to homosexuality in women's basketball.BLOOMINGTON — Last Wednesday, citing the ongoing scandal infecting Baylor’s football program and athletic department, IU athletic director Fred Glass distributed a memo to his entire staff.In it — and pointing directly to Baylor’s numerous failings in handling cases of sexual and domestic violence — Glass spelled out what he expects of his employees in similar situations.“The recent infamous situation at Baylor University should remind all of us of our responsibility to know and understand the University Sexual Misconduct Policy,” Glass wrote, adding that anyone “who receives information or gains knowledge of sexual misconduct by or against any IU student, staff member, volunteer or visitor has an absolute duty to report that immediately.”His message is representative of the heightened awareness of sexual and domestic violence across college athletics after high-profile incidents at Baylor and in the Southeastern Conference. She’s statistically one of the most proficient Longhorn basketball players—male or female—of all time. She’s a recipient of the President’s Leadership Award.

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