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In fact, smell, sound and sight all help this fish find food -- and redfish eat a lot. Redfish can be 12 inches long by the end of their first year.

[source: Florida Outdoors] Unlike live bait tossed into grass or mangroves to lure the redfish out, cut bait won't swim away.

This gives the angler a major advantage, as the scent of cut bait will entice the redfish out of its protective cover.

Two- to 4-inch mullets (also known as "finger mullets") are the easiest cut bait to find.

When an amberjack takes the bait, count to 5 before setting the hook.This item ships separately and in the original manufacturer's packaging.There will be shipping labels attached to the outside of the package.Other cut bait favorites include menhaden, spots and pinfish.A nice alternative is a mantis shrimp, or "shrimp mammy/mammie." If you're wondering what a shrimp mammy looks like, picture a praying mantis/mini-lobster (one that could fit in the palm of your hand) hybrid.Cast, drift or slow troll live baits around buoys, floating and underwater obstructions and schools of fish swimming on the surface; anchor, chum and fish live baits, fresh dead baits and cut bait in chum slick; cast and troll lures around buoys, floating obstructions and to schools, pods or individual cobia swimming on surface.

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