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Take the initiative Are men afraid of successful women?

Relationship expert Eric Hegmann doesn’t think so: “The latest studies of online dating show more and more that men are refusing to subscribe to the old cliché of looking for a woman who has a less demanding career than they do.” The problem remains that men do sometimes feel that they won’t live up to the expectations of a woman who is a high-flyer; so even if they are attracted to the profile of a woman who has an impressive career, they can be reluctant to send a contact request: they still see successful women as too much of a challenge.

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You know you want to come off as cool and confident as possible in hopes to impress the company or your new match, so you practice how you'll say hello or create mental notes in your head of certain questions to ask. Not only did you attract a company, but you also convinced the employer you're worthy of their time and are coming in for an interview to see if there's any chemistry. It's exciting and stressful, I know, so you tell all your closest friends about this awesome opportunity and you figure out what outfit you'll wear and work on calming your nerves.

The solution, according to Hegmann is for women to take the initiative: “The more contact requests a woman sends, the greater her chances of meeting the right man.” Some day your prince will come?

Just firing off a quick message to 50 of your recommended partners is not, however, the route to take.

Unless, that is, you want to find out for yourself why firefighters have such a good reputation.

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Working in the dating industry is challenging, but immensely rewarding.

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