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After all, these same women will date divorced men, all of whom were separated at some point.But they discriminate against separated men because of the between being separated and being a Type 2 or Type 3.It is not like Jim Crow laws or male-only clubs where the whites or men simply do not want to associate with a group.What makes this a classic case of statistical discrimination (rather than ) is that women do not hold ill will towards separated men.

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I have been going to the gym for a while now so starting to see more muscle than fat. I like traveling, sports, meeting new people, having fun. Homeowner looking to meet nice lady, caring , honest ,for dating , and see how things end up. I like to go to pub or bar for many beers and nice dinner . After a couple of years separated it's time to get out there and at least find a coffee partner.The vast majority of the emails I sent to women were ignored.Several women wrote back noting that, while they appreciated my honesty (this, for the record, provided zero consolation), they did not date separated men because they had found that they were often not ready for a new relationship.As Isobel rightly points out, there can be all sorts of reasons why someone is separated, but not divorced, but those reasons don’t really say anything about how ready that person is for a new relationship.Anyone can be carrying emotional baggage around, whether they’ve been married or not, but for some reason separated people have to battle more than their fair share of prejudice.Now, this is certainly not the saddest story you have ever heard and, as victims of discrimination go, I realize I should not be looking for sympathy.

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