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A team of Lafayette College psychology researchers took a closer look at young children and video interactions and made some surprising discoveries about what kids aged 1- to 2-years-old do and don't get out of Face Time interactions on a screen. " in the forthcoming issue of the journal Many families with young children use video chat to connect with family and friends--but what do children understand about the on-screen people and content of these interactions?The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages screen time for kids under 2 years because children who watch a lot of media often have poor language skills, and they miss out on other activities that would be more developmentally appropriate. Maselli, sought to find new answers to questions about why children under 2 years old seem to learn better in person than from video.Weren't we all good using Hangouts as our all-in-one app? No matter how big a fan I am of Google, one aspect of mobile I readily admit that Apple nailed was video chat.In Google's infinite wisdom, they didn't think so..I believe Google was spot on. Face Time makes the process of chatting with others in real-time video as simple as it gets. Duo strips away the complexity of using Hangouts and follows in the footsteps of Face Time.Face Time is free over Wi-Fi video calling that allows you to see the caller on the other end of the conversation through the i Pad's front-facing camera.You can also “swap” cameras and show the caller what is around you using the rear facing camera.

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You can make Face Time calls from a cellular i Pad or i Phone using 3G or 4G, but if you want to do this remember that it could eat into your mobile data allowance.

Working parents and grandparents who Face Time with their toddlers can take heart from a new study that sheds new light that on young children and how they engage in—and learn from—screen-time interactions.

Does your toddler's video chat with Grandma equal quality interaction time, or just more "screen" time entertainment? D., a developmental psychologist who studies children's cognitive and social-cognitive development, and her team at the Lafayette Kids Lab at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., will publish their study "Baby Face Time: Can toddlers learn from online video chat?

After one week of video chatting, children in the Face Time (live) condition learned social information -- that is, they preferred and recognized someone they had previously only 'met' via video-chat -- and cognitive information, learning new words and patterns.

Learning occurred from video chat only when children talked to an on-screen "partner" who responded to them in real time, and learning did not occur when the partner was pre-recorded and couldn't actually see or hear the child.

Google Hangouts, on the other hand, has a layer of complexity the average user often struggles with. Now, Android users can enjoy video chat as quickly and easily as their Apple brethren.

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