Rules of dating a gambler

I wrote a book about the true mathematics of blackjack, insofar as precise probability calculations are concerned.You might be shocked to hear, but the mathematical truth is that your knowledge of blackjack probabilities or odds is dead wrong.THE hall is narrow and the visitor's eye is drawn to distant chaos, so it is easy to miss the faded scribblings on the wall.Somebody has circled the reddish-brown blotch of a squashed insect and captioned it "fly".In November 1994, she came home to find a blackboard in the hall chalked with "Happy anniversary darling wife" and a row of wobbly kisses underneath.It's still there, folded against the wall to stop the chalk smudging.

In the weeks that followed, Lin Cook became the widow no one could reach.

In the same hand, with the same felt-tip, is the word "virgin", surmounted by a doodle like the top of a palm tree.

A line of arrows marches down the wall from the virgin and disappears round the corner, where the joke ends: "Not much chance here, mate.

Try No 23."Peter Cook enjoyed leaving his hieroglyphs around the house, and the walls were probably the only uncluttered spaces left.

Whenever he was beastly to his third wife, Lin, he would leave "sorry" notes.

In 1955 or 56 when I was about 12, my uncle Ed Hornung died. We went to the funeral home and to my amazement Paul Hornung walked in.

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