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It portrays a fantasy world of elves, dwarfs, thieves and magicians ruled over by an idealistic young queen who is in constant danger of being overthrown by the powers of evil that infest her court.

Amid anybody's stunning success, there is inevitably envy.

Received a bag full of old 70s gaming kit - some tile-based wargames, a bunch of books for an old scifi adventure RPG, and a bunch of stuff for 1st edition D&D!

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More discerning kids and adults will also note the utter predictability of this mountain-climbing tale and the glib superficiality of its characters.

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A Mysterious Benefactor, known only as Dungeon Master, gives each of them an enchanted item to help them survive in that world and promises to help them find a way home. but the malevolent villain, Venger, is determined to hunt down the items they carry as a means of gaining supreme power.

Dungeon Master mysteriously appears at seemingly random times, restricting his help to quest assignments and giving advice in the form of cryptic riddles that frustrate the kids to no end.

Its many harrowing accidents earn the PG-13 rating.

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