Two day rule in dating

We help busy singles outsource their dating lives to us so they can spend more time on quality dates. You describe the Three Day Rule clients as “busy professionals serious about finding love.” How do you find these men and women, or how do they find you?The majority come to us from word of mouth/referrals from past clients who worked with us and had a great experience.

We also host events regularly in each of our cities and get a lot of press coverage, so many of our clients come to us after attending an event or reading an article about us. Tell us about the name, "Three Day Rule." The term "Three Day Rule" was first coined in the 90's movie, "Swingers", and refers to the number of days that guys thought they were supposed to wait before contacting a girl to ask her out.

Are you becoming acquainted with the person relatively quickly? But, shouldn’t we be looking for these factors regardless?

Were my feelings the result of some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy?

By Courtney Edwards As a Black man, embarking on the relatively difficult task of finding a soulmate, I am consistently asking myself this one question: How soon, after meeting someone, should I become sexually involved with her? Was I just looking through the scope of rose-colored lenses?

And after the deed was done, my ability to discern whether I really liked her because I felt this strong personal connection and affinity, was greatly compromised.

They all waited at least three days to call their babies.

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