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Digitized b Google HISTORY OF ranklin Coiin INDIANA HER PEOPLE, INDUSTRIES AND INSTITUTIONS BY AUGUST J. Indianapolis, Indiana The reproduction of this publication has been made possible through the sponsorship of The Franklin County Historical Society, Brookville, Indiana. In addition to the official records and newspapers, frequent use was made of scrap books containing much valuable data. Google HISTORICAL INDEX Academies J_Z5_ Academy of Immaculate Conception, 477 Academy of Music 369 Act Establishing County - - 78 Adams, J. 323 Settlers, Early 195 Surveys •_ 194 Telephone Lines 212 Water Works 21B Brookville College 381 Brookville High School 380 Brookville Indiana Historical So- ciety 362 Brookville Study Club 355 Brookville Township — Assessor's Returns 267. Land Entries 113 Natural Features 112 Officers US Organization of 1 1 1 Pioneers 114 Settlement 113 Streams 111 Buena Vista - 173. 522 Building Materials : 75 Bulltown 126 Buncombe 529 Butler, Amos 547 Butler Township- Area 133 Assessor's Returns 267. 156 Assessor's Returns 26Z Boundaries 155 Carolina Settlement 152 Events of Interest 160 Land Entries 152 Fioneers, Character of 159 Streams 156 Fairs, Early 264 Famous People of the County 555 Fallen Timbers, Battle of —34. Governors of Indiana 58 Governors of Northwest Territory. William Henry 55 Haymond _ 132 Highland Center 155 Highland Township — Assessor's Returns 26Z Boundaries 147 Churches 470 Draft of 1862 308 Land Entries 150 Location 147 Officers LSI Settlement _ 148 Highways 245 Historical Society 362 Home Guards 312 Horticulture 266 Huntersville 164 454. At this time Franklin county was second only in population to Knox and had thirty-nine more voters than that county. 6t;8 s 57 604 Blooming Grove 70 c 664 6^7 651 Brook ville 2 2 242 I 06l I 722 Brookville town I,8oq 2 028 2.077 2 l6o Butler 1 .402 1.247 I.077 876 Fairfield 8l8 674 60I ^7 Highland 1.827 I coo 1. At this time all town- ship, county and national officers were voted for by the electors of the county. Eads 278 John Conner 237 (6) Digitized by Google FRAN KLIN COINTY. State Representative — James Xoble 518 David Mounts 320 Archibald Guthrie 133 James Young 197 Coroner — James Brownlee 422 Joseph Northrup 112 Sheriff- Robert Hanna 426 John Allen 118 It will be noted that hve hundred and fifty-nine votes were cast tor gov- ernor, this being the" largest number of votes cast for any one official, hi addition to the officials above listed, the electors voted for justice of the peace and county commissioners, but the record of the vote on these has not Ijeen found. Records are not available to show the fight by rounds, but the court records say that they were brought before the court, pleaded not guilty, and asked a trial by jury.

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