Without joining chat room


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Although Skype does not allow any more chat rooms to be created, they do not prohibit you from joining existing chats.

Skype will not, however, provide support for these rooms.

Example: someone comes to you and you are either a Admin mod or owner etc…

that someone or multiple people in a voice chat or text chat is either doing something against the discord server rules or against clan rules or maybe just plain illegal but as soon as a Admin or Mod joins the channel there going to shut up about what ever there talking about but with this feature the Admin or Mod can click on their name in the side and hit a button that says something like stealth mode: on/off or perhaps even a /command or something which would allow said admin or mod to join that voice server without popping up and he can hear or in a text chat case see what that person or persons is talking about and make a decision from there.

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