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Pink News, who first reported on the post, pointed out the resemblance of the camp depicted to Auschwitz and other Nazi-run concentration camps that operated during the Second World War.

Other people found it difficult to believe that an official diplomatic mission would share an offensive and puerile cartoon.

All stories mainly turn into Masha’s great adventures and the bear tidying up after her.

Masha and the Bear is a high quality and successful animated TV series from Russia that first aired in 2009.

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We are bananas for this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over print of Donkey Kong flexing at his finest.”“Hey, listen!

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The Russian embassy in London posted a cartoon on social media which appears to depict Europeans as gay pigs.

The bizarre image shows a large, muscular bear in a tight, pink and white Russia t-shirt, hulking over dozens of cowering piggy banks, confined to a concentration camp adorned with a pride flag, a eurozone sign, and stars.

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