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The Whitecourt Impact Crater taken from GOZoo M at about 1000′ AGL with the same perspective as the Li DAR image above..The crater was extremely difficult to identify from the air (do you see it? The crater is circled in this image at the end of this article.TOP: A recently created meteorite impact crater is hidden underneath thick growth in western Canada.BOTTOM: Scientists used the optical remote sensing technology Li DAR to “strip” away the vegetation and reveal the 36-metre wide circular impression (University of Alberta).

Hosted by Whitecourt Woodlands Tourism, the annual run features the Whitecourt Meteorite Site. Face off against your friends in the ultimate mud adventure challenge; build friendships, have fun, and get muddy! I wear my heart, my thoughts and emotions mostly right out there on my sleeve. Most of the time I get in too deep too soon about how much I care for other I am 58 years young. Paul Craig, 42, of Wheatland County and 59-year-old James Mac Cormack of Gleichen are also charged.Police are also seeking to arrest Jalene Campbell, 24 and Kyle Labbe, 31, both of Strathmore.(Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta)A summary diagram, which illustrates the meteorite distribution, local sample sites and auger holes, ejecta blanket, and the proposed flight path of the impactor.

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