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Stalking is a pattern of behavior in which one person causes another to feel fear by following, monitoring, or surveilling them. Fewer than one-third of campus sexual assault cases result in expulsion.

"Sugar baby" relationships—where wealthy, older men provide gifts, pay rent, etc., for women they're sexually involved with—are a tale as old as time, but now that they're facilitated by apps and websites, their transactional nature has been turning more meddling heads.Many homeless young people wind up exchanging sexual favors for shelter, food, and other basic needs because resources like homeless shelters are way too overstretched, they pointed out to lawmakers.Criminalizing these attempts to survive won't open up more shelter beds, it will just make survival that much harder.But he is best known for the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, a test he has refined over the last two decades.When people are accused of sexually abusing children, this computerized test can help to decide their fates—in decisions about probation and parole, in custody battles, and even in criminal trials.Dating violence occurs in intimate relationships and involves a pattern of behavior in which one person tries to exert power and control over another person. Colleges often reluctant to expel for sexual violence — with U-Va.

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