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This is really simple: Transgender women are women who were assigned male at birth.Crossdressers are men (or women) who gender bend for a variety of reasons, but not because they identify as anything other than the gender they were assigned at birth. Some do it because Drag is an art form that they find immensely empowering. When he takes off the wig and the heels and the makeup, he goes about his life as a cisgender man.

In many cases, revealing you are a cross-dresser is the final stance in a troubled marriage.

Oh, and he claims he filed a police report against the girl who blew up his spot about the message he sent her: Biggest.

However suspicion was aroused when a man from a nearby city reported to police that he met a girl online claiming to be Miao Xiaomin.

Keep this in mind if you plan on trying to salvage your marriage.

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