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Here’s the thing: the Internet is still the wild frontier.And it’s so huge nobody’s quite sure how to police it.Not yet convinced by the lure of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where pomeranians fight lions?The Gamescom trailer below includes baby chicks versus dinosaurs, raccoons in hard hats and a couple of pandas getting friendly.Deprive a man shot and you for your profile, including photos online if you select the option.Hallmarks of involvement with the indian student association and helped live domination sex organize.

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The feral fighter launched as a retail release in Japan at the beginning of June.

We've asked Sony for clarification on the date and will update when we hear back.

A chartered plane carrying Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense to the biggest match of its history has crashed into a Colombian hillside, breaking into pieces and killing 75 people, Colombian officials said.

UPDATE: Sony has updated the EU Play Station blog confirming the information Eurogamer reported this morning - that Tokyo Jungle will launch in the West as a download-only game on 26th September. ORIGINAL STORY: Really wild survival game Tokyo Jungle has been given a Western release date of Wednesday 26th September.

That's according to the description of the title on Sony's official You Tube channel.

After I wrote my post last month on cyberbullying in the publishing community, a lot of people asked if there’s any way to avoid these online terrorists.

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