Hayden is dating natalie


Mixing work with pleasure, Miller and Canadian Hayden Christensen, aka Anakin Skywalker, hooked up on the set of Factory Girl.In fact, Miller even made a trip to Christensens hometown of Toronto to visit the actor and, reportedly, his family.came to theaters a decade ago, no one could have imagined that the young man chosen to play Anakin Skywalker had anything but a stellar career ahead of him.Unfortunately, Hayden's professional life mirrored Anakin's downfall: The movie that should have nabbed him adventurous, sensitive leading-man parts instead wrecked his credibility.

One of the most famous Showmances in recent seasons has been Rachel and Brendon (Season 12,13) as well as Jeff and Jordan (Season 11,13).By “not that great,” I mean maybe she should leave the record-making to Paris and Lindsay.A friend of mine said it reminded her of the “pop music they play in Hawaii, only worse.” Best Week Ever canned the video for “Wake Up Call,” where 18-year-old Hay-Pan sings lines like “You don’t by me drinks” and “I think I’m gonna have to cheat to keep your eyes on me.” Clearly she’s teamed up with people who know how to make a fresh beat, if nothing else.top Jude Laws fling with his childrens nanny has become stuff of legend.Law, 32, admitted he cheated on his then fiance Miller with Daisy Wright, 26, after she went public with the affair to Londons Sunday Mirror tabloid. The network's taking it to new levels with an unprecedented four contestants making the leap to new shows this fall, so it seems inevitable that someone will eventually achieve the dubious distinction of becoming the first person to compete in all three of the Big Three. As for their angle, Natalie and Nadiya probably can't convincingly alternate portraying one twin à la with then-girlfriend Kat Edorsson, but Hayden and Kat split up before CBS had a chance to tap into that sweet, sweet synergy.

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