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There either is or is not, that’s the way things are. The series was created by popular You Tube personality Hank Green and Streamy Award winning web video writer Bernie Su. Adapting Pride and Prejudice to the modern era, Lizzie Bennet tells the classic Jane Austen tale from the point of view of an Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet who grew up in a world of cell phones, video cameras, and social media.See more » Now here'a film that is "not for all tastes," as the cliché goes."Strange" doesn't quite cover it but it is not that bizarre that you can't figure out what's happening.Director-writer Darren Arokofsky made a name for himself with his second movie, Requiem For A Dream, and this was the young filmmakers' first effort.The 23-year-old actress was noticeably absent from the Parisian premiere of 'Noah' and left it to Jennifer and their co-star Russell Crowe to fly the flag for the film instead.Jennifer, 43, Jennifer looked stunning as she arrived at the Cinema Gaumont Marignan wearing a custom Louis Vuitton look by designer Nicolas Ghesquière. I’m not going to tell you the story the way it happened. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an innovative, original episodic video and social media series produced for the web. But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day.

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This sounds like quite an interesting fantasy and should make for a challenging directorial debut for Goldsman.

It was made a tight budget since he was an unknown, but that's part of the attraction.

This is grainy black-and-white, and so is the gritty story and most of the characters. It's not a story that is going to please a lot of people - an almost-demented math wizard trying to figure out stock market codes and two groups hounding him trying to cash in on his brainpower.

Russell, 49, takes on the role of biblical figure Noah in the Darren Aronofsky directed film, and Emma plays his adopted daughter Ila.

The Harry Potter star was very much present at the London premiere of the movie on Monday evening in Leicester Square, but that's where her prmotional tour came to an end."Final Noah Premiere tonight in London's Leicester Square.

” she captioned a photo of her family at a Christmas tree farm on Instagram. If you’re using a snapshot, it’s like showing up to race the Indy 500 in a VW Beetle. Don’t tell me you’re destined to be a major Hollywood star but you cannot scrape together the cash to get professional headshots.

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