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Many users don’t know this, but i OS apps can be restored and re-downloaded easily at any time, which means it’s no big deal if an app or two was accidentally deleted.We’ll cover two easy ways to restore any deleted app on an i Pad or i Phone, either of these work and they’re quite easy, you can search by app name if you know the app, or look through your download list to find the missing app that way.Did one of your favorite apps get deleted from an i Phone or i Pad?We’ll show how to restore a deleted app in i OS, whether it was removed accidentally or intentionally.If you’ve recently downloaded an i OS IPSW file, you might be curious how to use it to update your i Phone, i Pod touch, or i Pad.Using IPSW is often considered advanced but it’s actually pretty easy, just follow along with these directions and you’ll be along your way.

Mac users: If you’ve upgraded to Mountain Lion, then check out this post to find out how to run Absinthe on OS X Mountain Lion.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Absinthe from this link and save it in a folder named “Absinthe” on your desktop.

Step 2: Double click the Absinthe zip file and extract the application to the Absinthe folder (Windows users).

Mobile handsets of today are equipped with internet connection and email applications meant for on-the-go electronic mailing.

Especially i Phone and i Pad, you can use them to conveniently send and receive emails anywhere you go.

The main problem is that no matter how I try to permanently delete emails from my i Pad, they nearly always reappear! I don't want Mail to automatically delete unread messages since I get at least 40 emails each day & need to read them all first before deleting.

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