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When I was a teenager, homeschooled in Alaska and neck deep in Fantasy novels and comic books, I had a big imagination and very few friends.

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Men vs Women Studies of AB/DL website participants have shown that the majority of adult babies tend to be men, and most started showing an interest in the lifestyle around puberty.

I also spent a lot of time perusing the internet, as most bored teenagers do.

These two things intersected unexpectedly one day, as I was clicking around the old Yahoo chat rooms.

Orgasm Control: Refers to the dominant(s) being in control of when the submissive(s) achieve(s) orgasm, either by physical means or by command; typically involves domination and/or excessive teasing and edging.

Pre-Existing Relationships: Expresses a preference for RP's to be played with characters with whom each other have a pre-determined and already established relationship, whether real or manufactured for the RP, typically for efficiency Teasing: Refers to extended scenes of foreplay prior to explicit, sexual intercourse, which may be physical and/or verbal, typically to arouse one's partner to the point of sexual frustration or desperation.

AB/DLs (or ABDLs) is an acronym for "Adult Baby Diaper Lover" - someone who enjoys role-playing as a baby, wearing adult diapers, or both.

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