Dakota fanning is dating


He's Quite the Photographer: Jamie is just as talented behind the camera as he is in front of it.Strachan has an Instagram account, but you won't find any selfies from the hunk.

it was revealed the 22-year-old star and her 35-year-old beau had "recently" broken up after nearly three years together!

They go with me everywhere—those pajamas are staying with me for my entire life…or until they disintegrate.” Elle is pictured out and about in Cannes, before and after walking the red carpet for the opening ceremonies this week.

The actress was spotted walking hand-in-hand with a mysterious cutie in New York City over the weekend!

In his free time, Logan enjoys traveling, watching sports, and playing tennis.''I was raised by very traditional Southern parents with Southern manners.

Jamie Dornan did his contracted bit, and then ran away the minute the movie broke box office records.

"I'm a very private person," she said, when told that she's perceived as the "perfect child" in Hollywood.

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